Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Miniature glassware by Winesiam 


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Drabble based on unintended challenge

Emma raised an eyebrow at the various hand-made globes that Mary Margaret had brought home to grade. She thought it was a pretty silly assignment, but then again, her elementary career had been… sporadic, to put it kindly.

There was the one student who’d used a used a large styrofoam ball so that he could demonstrate the numerous interior levels of the earth’s core. That one was kind of neat. Even the center was marked “45 minutes from Storybrooke (and everywhere else) at freefall.”

Then again, there was the glitter-highlighted one with multiple shades of pink highlighting the continental borders. “A credit to her sex,” Emma remarked sardonically.

Mary Margaret glared. “Maybe those were all the colors that she had!”

Emma shrugged. “Better you than me. I’d have trouble seeing past that silliness.

"See you later. I’m going over to Granny’s for a bit." Maybe Regina would be there, she thought. Regina wouldn’t wear pink. Maybe black. Or red. Something strong. Unaware of her response, Emma licked her lips.

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Hey, Tumblr staff,

 Why are you recommending reposts of artwork to me? Yes, I like this pic. I liked it when the artist first posted it. (

"Who ever did this… Thank you" makes it obvious that it’s a repost without attribution. Please don’t recommend things like this.

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Cloudy went through a phase where she thought she was a stuffed animal.

Saturday, June 28, 2014



i had to make it. no regrets. 



National Audubon Society - Osprey Cam
We now have three hungry chicks on our Osprey cam from a nest in Bremen, Maine, USA! 
Be sure to head over to to check in on the growing family: 
NAS Osprey Cam

They’re a lot bigger now.


We now have three hungry chicks on our Osprey cam from a nest in Bremen, Maine, USA!

Be sure to head over to to check in on the growing family:

NAS Osprey Cam

They’re a lot bigger now.

Friday, June 27, 2014

lightboundhero said: Dear DD: I want to write, but I often struggle with the feeling of my writing being inferior compared to other people who write around me; friends and acquaintances who aren't even published (yet) but whose work never fails to be amazing. These are people who, I feel, also have taken in many more stories than I have, written or otherwise; I feel like I'm too far behind them (in a sense) to catch up, whether in amount of stuff read or written. I guess I'd like whatever advice you could give.


The first thing I’m going to say to you here – which may or may not be any comfort to you – is that you’re in exactly the same boat as all the rest of us. No matter how long you write over the course of your life, no matter who you write for or under what circumstances, there will always be better writers than you and there will always be worse ones. So this is a situation that you’re going to have to make your peace with, sooner or later. Sooner is better.

This being the case, the next thing to work on is figuring out how you’re going to handle these feelings of inadequacy when they come up. If you let them stop you, you won’t get much writing done. So you have to do some self-examination and find out what ways work best for you at those  times when you have to motivate yourself to do something you find difficult.

(sticking in a cut here, this is going to get a touch technical…)

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Thursday, June 26, 2014


"The "Tri-Cornered Baseball Game" … was concocted by a gaggle of New York sportswriters and then carried out in support of the Allied forces in World War II." (source)