Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Adam West (Batman) and Burt Ward (Robin) snapped on the set in Los Angeles, 1966 © Richard Hewett


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This miserable young bird hasn’t quite learned to come in out of the downpour. He was sitting on a branch near my garden. Half an our or so after the rain, and his head feathers aren’t combed down yet!

The cardinals were smart in their choice of nesting spot - not only are they protected by a rose bush, but the nest is under the overhang of our house so it does not get rained on (that’s Momma’s orange beak in the upper right hand side of the picture).  There are three eggs now, and Momma C leaves the nest very rarely. The nest has strands of plastic bag or sheeting woven in with the sticks.

Also spotted this weekend: a rabbit nest with at least two baby bunnies. I was pulling weeds (goldenrod, if you must know) by the back of our garage when I revealed a well-traveled place inside the weeds. I looked carefully and saw the nest itself. I put back some of the weeds and decided that I’d finish that job in a few weeks. No need to make things too easy for the big ginger cat that passes through our yard sometimes at night. I’d post a picture of the nest, but I couldn’t make the camera focus on the shadowy nest through all the greenery.  

I know they’re going to want to eat from my garden, but I’ll deal with that later. Fair is fair.